What is Tongue & Groove, End Matching and Why is It Important?

What is Tongue & Groove, End Matching and Why is It Important?

Most pine ceiling or wall applications are going to be tongue and groove or T&G. Tongue and groove means that the wood has been molded with a pattern that allows each piece to neatly and securely fit into each other making installation easier. Synergy Wood goes further and adds a T&G groove at the start and end of each board called end matching.  

End Matching allows the boards to connect together not just lengthwise, but also end to end. This creates a tighter mechanical bond between the boards and allows for easier installation with less nails or glue. You can overlap the board ends beyond the framing rather than cutting and ending specifically on the stud. This helps randomize the pattern while creating a longer lasting installation - without the sag or bowing of an unmatched end. 

End matching also can significantly speed up the installation. Synergy Wood pine boards come in end matched, t&g joint patterns. We offer three types of joint patterns. V-Joint, Nickel Joint and Square Edge.  

For more information on T&G, End Matching or joint patterns, click here.

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