Waste or Wasted?

Waste or Wasted?

Waste is considered the boards that are not going to make it onto your ceiling. The lumber yard is not going to presort your planks for you and pick out all the best pieces for you. That's a fact. 

If you have ever bought a bundle of pine from a lumber yard or box store, you know as soon as you cut the bundle strapping, the wood suddenly springs in all directions. Pieces warp and bow and bend. As you dig into the bundle, you notice crazy big knots or even damaged pieces - by handling or strapping. This is what you would expect from raw lumber. 

Synergy Wood understands this and wants to reduce your waste and wasted time. Synergy Wood uses the industry recognized grading standards as the wood comes into our mill. We inspect every board that arrives in our mill. We sort through all the lumber and remove/cut pieces that don't meet the industry standards of the wood and our manufacturing standards. This makes our prefinished wood more usable on site than unfinished wood.  

 This is where the final cost of prefinished wood is going to save you. Synergy Wood recommends only 5% waste factor when ordering our products. So your 240 square foot job stays closer to your budget with less surprises on site. For more information on Synergy Wood Pine grading, click here.

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