Synergy Wood's Artisan Colors Look Great on Pine

Synergy Wood's Artisan Stain Looks Great on Pine Planks!

While every pine board is truly nature made and unique in its grain, pattern and texture - Synergy Wood can offer you a consistency in its application of stain and finish and a selection of naturally inspired artisan color choices. 

We use real wood for all of our products. Our various species of wood come from the best lumber mills across the United States and include Cypress and Southern Pine. 

Natural variations in the wood, which can include knot structure, grain color, and grain patterns, should be expected and is where the beauty of real wood comes from. These variations in the wood are the reason real wood is chosen to beautify a home.

An onsite project might use multiple cans of stain or sealant that will be difficult to mix and apply evenly throughout your entire project - especially on larger projects.

Unlike other companies or on-site installers, we hand-wipe each piece of wood after the stain is applied which “pushes” the stain deeper into the wood. The result is a deeper, consistent color that cannot be achieved on-site.

All of our products are 100% real, sustainable wood and American made at our plant in Sanford, Florida

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