Sanding and Finish is the Key to a Beautiful Stain on Pine Boards

Sanding & Finishing - The Keys to a Beautiful Pine Board.

We often hear stories about installations of unfinished pine wood ceilings where the painter/stainer did not sand the wood. Yes, the wood has been probably sanded at least once when it was produced, but that was merely for presentation. 

For a quality stain and finish, the sanding has only just begun. Painters will stain the raw wood and wipe it down. If it isn't sanded with the right grit prior to staining, you lose much of the rich color that was expected. Sanding at this stage opens up the grain of the wood to allow more of the stain to penetrate and stay through the process of wiping. After the wood is stained and properly dried, the pine is ready for finishing. 

Some painters will only apply one (probably uneven) coat of clear coat. If you didn't specify the quality of that top coat, they may choose a less superior product to increase their profit - and that could cost you sooner than you think. 

In the South, we have to consider the weather especially the moisture in the air before we use a finish coat. You risk having the finish of the wood coming out hazy if there is too much moisture - or if applied in too hot or too cold of a climate. 

Most finishes suggest two coats applied evenly with sanding in between (to allow for a higher mechanical bond of the next coat of finish). Sanding, using premium stain and two coats of premium top coat can add more cost and time than you thought to your project. This is just one more area where prefinished Synergy Wood products are not just a savings, but superior to an onsite painter. 

Synergy Wood not only sands during each step of our staining and sealing, we apply a premium, proprietary stain and exterior grade polyurethane finish at exactly the specified amount - evenly - on all boards of your project. Check out how Synergy Wood takes on all the hassles of the finishing so that you can just simply install.

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