Rustic Barnwood Alabaster
Rustic Barnwood Alabaster

Rustic Barnwood Samples

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Professionally finished Rustic Collection wood plank samples
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Rustic Barnwood is a naturally beautiful barn board look - without the hassles or hazards of using reclaimed wood.

Rustic Barnwood recreates the unique beauty and character of reclaimed barn wood planks. Each board is rough sawn, wire-brushed and hand finished to create an authentic, rustic barn wood look and feel. Great for accent walls, interior ceilings, exterior porch ceilings and more.

Synergy Wood's skilled Artisans hand select each board to showcase nature's unique beauty, color and grain patterns. Rustic Barnwood boards feature a square edge tongue & groove, end matched and hand finished - delivering a quality and lasting finish that is easy to install, with low waste. 

Rustic Barnwood is sold by the lineal foot and features a 5" face, square edge tongue & groove and 5' to 10' length boards (subject to length availability). 
Solid wood Rustic Barnwood samples (1x6x5.75" size). Randomly selected from our sample inventory. Each sample, just as each board, is random and unique - just as nature intended. That's why we are showing the natural variations and range of our samples (the photo shows 16 individual samples showing the color, texture and pattern range) - the same expected variations you could receive with your order.

Having our product samples in your hands is the best way to select the right wood for your project. Understanding the uniqueness of each wood species - the way the wood takes stains, the handcrafted finishes and the effect of natural and artificial lighting. Select as many sample colors you need and proceed to check out. If you need larger samples or something that isn't shown here, email us or call us toll free at 866-791-6714.

Due to supply chain disruptions, Synergy Wood will not be taking any new orders for Rustic Barnwood using #2 Cypress. For all current orders, Clear Grade Southern Pine will be used for Rustic Barnwood. Contact us directly for more information. 866-791-6714

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