Piine Collection Sample Box
Piine Collection Sample Box

Pine Collection Sample Box

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Synergy Pine Collection Sample Box - Handcrafted, Professionally Pre-Finished Pine Wood Color Sample Box
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Synergy Wood Pine Collection - Full Line Color Sample Box

The Pine Collection Sample Boxes feature our Synergy & E-Peck®,  wood color samples

The Pine Collection sample boxes features color samples from our Southern Pine Collection and Ponderosa Pine Collection with a sample of our E-Peck® Collection. Perfect for choosing your colors for any Interior / covered exterior wall or ceiling project. You can select between the Ponderosa Pine Collection Sample Box, Southern Pine Collection Sample Box or Both Collection in one Sample Box.

Because we use 100% real wood, there will be some natural variation in patterns, colors, stains and some boards may even feature knot holes! The sample box allows you to see the color and feel of real, solid wood.

How to Use Your Sample Box:

To really nail the look of natural pine wood in your space, you NEED a sample box! Walk around your space, enjoy a sip of your coffee and see how the wood comes alive with various lighting, colors and spaces. Share your project ideas with family, friends and us too!  


  • 100% Solid Southern Pine or Ponderosa Pine Boards
  • A selection of 7 Artisan Colors of Each Wood Species + Plus one E-Peck Sample
  • Hand Wiped Stain for a Deep and Consistent Color
  • Tongue & Groove and End-Matched for Easy Installation
  • Available with V-Joint or Nickel Joint Tongue & Groove Patterns
  • Proudly Made in America 

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