Hidden Costs of Using Unfinished Pine vs Synergy Prefinished Pine

Hidden and Premium Features of Prefinished Pine Boards from Synergy.

As you try to relax and enjoy that Netflix movie after staining all your wood, you realize the smell of the stain and top coat sealer permeates through the air. Staining or sealing on site can be very time consuming, messy and potentially dangerous to breathe. Even if you are not the one doing the work, you may be breathing in VOCs (Volatile organic compound) as your stain and finish cure or at least strong odors that may linger for days. 

Having prefinished wood ceilings by Synergy Wood removes that whole process from your home. You only have to allow the wood to acclimate to your climate (inside our outside) for 24-48 hours. No smells, no VOCs and no worry.  

 Installation can begin as soon as acclimation (all wood - unfinished or prefinished - should be acclimated to your installation environment prior to installation) is complete. No waiting for sanding, staining, finishing or drying - just measure, cut, nail - done. 

Synergy Wood products makes it easy and fast for a natural wood ceiling. From popcorn to pine - the transformation is faster and easier than using unfinished wood.  

 Synergy Wood also offers you some peace of mind with a 5 year warranty on our finish. Most painters offer the "tail light" warranty. As soon as you stop seeing their tail lights, the "warranty" ends.

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