Easy to Install - Why Use a Pro?

Synergy Wood is Easy to Install

Installing T&G pine board ceilings or walls is very much a DIY friendly project because of the T&G and our end matching. We offer free instruction manuals online for installation and you are encouraged to contact us with any questions you may have. Most of our customers do hire installers to do the work. 

Why Use a Pro?

Installation pros are extremely knowledgeable about the installation process, our products and working around unique issues with each project (issues that might slow down the typical DIY). Synergy Wood does not employ installation pros, but we have a list of professionals who have proven to be exceptional in installation and customer satisfaction. 

Call or email us and we'll see if there is an installer near you. Who can install Synergy Southern Pine products? We'd suggest you call some of your local carpenters or drywall installers. They will generally have the skills, tools and the workers to do the best job on your project.

A good installer will also offer a warranty for their craftsmanship and not damage or void the warranty of your Synergy Wood product during installation. That's good peace of mind!

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